Project X by SSH: Exploring the impact of the Pandemic to the work environment


1. What is your gender?


2. What is your age group?


3. In which of the following do you currently reside?


4. How do you define your residence?


5. What Industry are you currently employed with?


6. What mode of transport do you use to commute to work?


7. Do you feel like you could use a micro mobility mode of transport such as e-scooter or bicycle to commute to work?


8. Would you consider using walking / micro mobility mode of transport if your office were to incorporate showering facilities?


9. What parking facilities do you use daily at work or at home?

Paid ParkingUnpaid ParkingStaff ParkingVisitor ParkingBicycle / Scooter Parking

10. How long is your total daily commute between home and the office?