Argyll & Bute Local Housing Strategy Development: Early Engagement Survey

1. Introduction: Identifying Key Local Housing Issues and Priorities for Action...

Argyll & Bute Council and partners are preparing a new Local Housing Strategy (LHS) which will set priorities to improve the operation of local housing system over the next five years (2021-26). To build the new strategy, Argyll & Bute Council must assess whether previous LHS priorities still represent the main housing issues or whether a new set of local priorities should guide action, partnership and investment.

To achieve this, we are asking local residents and communities to share your views on the housing issues that matters most to you and that should have an important place in the new Local Housing Strategy.

This is an important opportunity for local residents and communities to have a voice in shaping the strategy for housing services and investment in Argyll & Bute over the next five years.

To do this, we are asking you to complete this survey which should take no more than five minutes. This survey will run from Wednesday 1 July 2020 to Friday 21 August 2020.

All the information collected in the survey will remain strictly confidential under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and in adherence with the Data Protection Act 2018; and will be used for research and statistical purposes only. You will not receive any “junk mail” as a result of taking part and your name will not be associated with the responses you give. We will securely store this data until April 2021, when the full LHS consultation exercise is over. We respect your trust and protect your privacy, and therefore will never share this data with any third parties.

At the end of the questionnaire you will be asked if you are interested in taking part in further related research. If you choose to provide contact information such as your email address, this information will be stored separately and will not be connected to any other data you have provided. 

1. If the vision of the LHS is to deliver a "well functioning housing system", in Argyll and Bute which of the following characteristics are most important locally? Please tick up to five


2. What would you say are the top five housing challenges facing Argyll & Bute? Please tick up to five


3. What are the most likely main impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the operation of the housing system in Argyll & Bute? Please tick up to five


4. Do you have any others views on the potential short, medium or long-term impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on operation of the housing system in Argyll & Bute? (please state)


5. If you could deliver one single action that would have a major and positive impact on the operation of the housing system in Argyll & Bute, what would it be?


6. Your Details (Optional):