Purley Oaks SNT Ward Survey June 2021


1. Do you generally feel safe on the ward?


2. Please rate the following crime classifications to reflect your level of concern regarding them.
Please note that Speeding comes under Road Traffic Offences and is NOT recorded and reported within the classifications below.

An overview of the classifications used can be found at Crime Type Definitions

No Personal ConcernLittle ConcernQuite ConcernedExtremely ConcernedUnsure
Arson and Criminal Damage
Drug Offences
Possession of Weapons
Public Order Offences
Sexual Offences
Vehicle Offences
Violence Against the Person
Historical Fraud and Forgery
Miscellaneous Crimes Against Society

3. What is the problem and where is this problem occurring?
(please provide brief details including road/estate name)


4. Do you feel the level of crime in your local area has changed in the last 12 months?


5. What information about your area is important to you?


6. Do you receive the monthly update from the team?


7. In the future, which method of contact would you prefer the your local police team use to contact you?


8. How old are you?


9. What is your gender?