tmactive150- Physical Activity & COVID-19

1. What is your age?


2. Are you male or female?


3. What is your postcode?


4. Do you have a disability or impairment?


5. What is your ethnic origin?


6. How important is physical activity to you and your wellbeing?


7. In light of COVID-19, what is your current working situation?


8. Before or during COVID-19, have you found it difficult to take part in physical activity, sport or exercise for any of the following reasons?


9. Before COVID-19, how often did you participate in physical activity per week? This may include sport, exercise, brisk walking or cycling.


10. How often are you currently participating in physical activity per week? This may include sport, exercise, brisk walking or cycling.


11. Since COVID-19 I have participated in the below activities....

A lot moreA bit moreNeither more nor lessA bit lessA lot lessI don't knowNot applicable
A leisurely walk for at least 10 minutes
A walk for travel purposes for at least 10 minutes
Jogging or running
Cycling for leisure
Cycling for travel
Pre recorded fitness or exercise classes at home viewed online or on a TV or DVD
Live streamed fitness or exercise classes at home viewed online
Home activity, fitness or physical activity (live stream or pre recorded) provided online by your gym/sports club/coach/instructor
Swimming (lane swimming at a local leisure centre)
Informal home activity, including games in the garden, physical literacy (throwing, skipping, catching, running games)
I have not done any physical activity

12. To what extent do you agree/disagree with each statement?

Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagreeDon't know
Since the coronavirus outbreak I have explored new ways to be active
I have more time now to partake in physical activity
I do not find exercising on my own enjoyable or motivating
I have been encouraged to exercise by government/ public health guidance
I am unable and miss the type of physical activity I was able to do before the coronavirus pandemic
I have been too worried to leave my home to exercise/ be active
I wish I could exercise/ be active more
I exercise to help my mental health during the pandemic
The current situation has not impacted my active regime

13. After COVID-19 restrictions have ended, I intend to...


14. What three things have helped you to be/ remain active during this time? For example; live stream online exercises classes, resources from your gym/sportscoach/instructor, public health messages, more available time.


Thank you very much for taking part in this survey

tmactive150 is our community programme, designed to encourage and help local people achieve 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. The programme is part of our outreach work, addressing issues and barriers that may prevent local people from participating and enjoying physical activity. We want physical activity to be enjoyed by everyone.

At the moment, our Health & Wellbeing team are looking at how we can re-introduce sessions with Covid safety measures in place. Your involvement is extremely helpful for us to understand local people's attitudes, barriers and behaviours towards physical activity during the Covid-19 pandemic and government imposed lockdown.
Your responses will be used to help us develop our activity programme and support our communities in accessing physical activity opportunities 2021.

To find out more about physical activity opportunities in Tonbridge and Malling, please include your email address or contact number, if over 18 years of age in the comments box below.

Please also include the type of activity that interests you (for example; martial arts, dance, yoga/pilates, indoor/outdoor group exercise, walking, jogging, swimming, team sports), the time of day you would attend a session and if face to face, online or both.

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