Digital Survey for Parents


1. What is the name of your child/children? *


2. What year group are they in? (ie. Primary 6/P6 or secondary 2/S2) *


3. Do you have access to wifi at home?


4. How reliable would you say your wifi at home is?


5. Which mobile network is available to you at home?


6. What is the mobile network connection like in your area/nearby?


7. Does your child/children use any of the following devices to access the internet?


8. If your child is given schoolwork to complete online, what device would they complete it on?
Please state the type of device and if possible, the make and model.


9. What would you say is the limiting factor(s) for your child(s) to be able to complete work at home online to a high standard?


10. If you selected other for the previous question, could you please provide further information.


11. What school does your child/children attend?


12. To help us get a geographical picture of how internet access impacts on our community can you please provide your postcode?