Disruptive Innovation in UK Aerospace


1. Introduction


Disruptive Innovation in UK Aerospace

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) is established as a collaboration between Government and industry; to create the UK’s aerospace technology strategy, advising and challenging the sector through £3.9 billion of secured R&T investment, to ensure the UK retains its global competitive position. 
This survey will inform an ATI study on how we can inspire more disruptive innovation in UK aerospace. We are seeking insights from a range of industry participants including regulators, OEMs, SMEs, investors, academia and new industry entrants, as well as analysing other sectors and countries to understand how they support disruptive innovation.

The outcome of this activity will be an internal whitepaper that will help us better understand how we inspire disruptive innovation in the UK aerospace sector.

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Confidentiality and Data use:
The ATI intends to use the information collected through this survey as evidence in its internal whitepaper. This whitepaper could be shared with other UK aerospace industry stakeholders - including the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP), the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and internally with ATI staff, ATI management and ATI board. The information you provide will be aggregated and anonymised for these purposes and will be used for ATI analysis and external publications. If you have further questions or concerns regarding this, please outline these in the space provided below:

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