EPC Admissions Survey



In response to the uncertainty around this year’s university admissions the EPC is conducting a one-off admissions survey (in addition to our annual temperature check of the health of HE engineering enrolments which will take a light touch this Autumn).

With the triple whammy of curbed international student imports, squeezed budgets and student number controls weighing down on HE engineering portfolios, we know that the HE engineering sector needs to know more…urgently. An engineering admissions profile will give our members an insight into how our sector manages admissions, the benefit of understanding what our peers are doing, and an opportunity to share best practice.

In Covid-19 times of ministerial intervention in recruitment and admissions; OfS's newly extended powers to protect England’s higher education sector from its own potentially damaging behaviour; a looming review of the entire HE admissions system and many other admissions reform pressures, the EPC can also play a critical role in carefully evidencing HE engineering's collective admissions behaviour in order to inform future policy responses in the interests of engineering.

Please be assured, there are no trick questions and we won’t share your information or publish any findings which might identify your university.

There are 9 sections to this survey:

1. About your engineering courses (the codes link to HESA cost centres)
2. About your recruitment and admissions response to Covid-19
3. About your response to government policy resulting from Covid-19
4. About your admissions infrastructure
5. About your undergraduate engineering admissions processes
6. About your wider engineering admissions processes
7. Evaluating your admissions processes
8. The future of admissions
9. Get involved

You'll need to set aside about half an hour to complete the survey in full but you can skip any questions you don't want to answer. You can also save your partially completed survey to come back to if you are short of time in a single sitting. Please complete whole sections in a sitting where possible. They survey is easiest to complete on a computer or tablet, but can be navigated on a phone if necessary. You can view all questions here before you begin.

1. Please provide your details to enable us to process the survey and to enable us to cluster members responses. Your contact details won't be shared and your responses to all questions will remain anonymous.