ECFC Museum Evaluation


Thank you for your interest in this survey. 

We are currently evaluating the ECFC Museum and Grecian Archive project, and what's been achieved in the past few years. This wouldn’t have happened without the generous participation, volunteering and support of ECFC fans, who are at the heart of the project. So we are very keen to hear your thoughts and opinions.

This survey is designed to find out more about how the project has affected the club and those who have participated in it, both in general ways, and specifically in relation to feelings of wellbeing. The survey is anonymous, and your answers will not be linked to your email address. 

Participation is voluntary, and you can answer as many questions as are relevant or interesting to you. It should take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.

Please read this information carefully before continuing:

The project is a partnership between Exeter City Football Club and Trust and University of Exeter, and has been funded by the National Lottery
Heritage Fund. The information you give in this survey will be used by an external evaluator to assess the project for the NLHF. Relevant sections of the anonymised data collected, may also be looked at by members of the project research team, including individuals from the University of Exeter and the ECFC Museum, and other members of the team. 

The anonymised data will be used to understand more about the value of the project, and the use of sporting heritage for wellbeing. It may be used in the following ways: final project report, academic articles, conference papers, books, White Paper.

If you would like any more information about this survey or the ECFC Museum and Grecian Archive project evaluation, please contact:

I confirm that I have read and understand the project information, and that the answers I give in this survey can be used for the purposes stated above.


I agree that my contact details can be kept securely and used by researchers from The University of Exeter.

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