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Co-operate is created with communities, and is owned by communities. It's non-profit making and helps groups and individuals make good things happen where they live.

Your activity must: What you write will appear on your listing. Make sure you:
  • explain any acronyms – for example Lakeland ABC should be: Lakeland Amateur Boxing Club (ABC)
  • check for spelling mistakes 
  • check that all website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, video conferencing links you've entered are correct
You'll also be asked to upload a photograph of your activity.

1. Activity name

The activity name you're using on social media, your website or leaflets.

Explain any acronyms. *


2. Describe the activity 

Our activity is for [explain who the activity is aimed at].
At our activity you will [list the things that happen at the activity].
We run this activity to [outline the benefits of attending for people and the community]. 

Complete the sentences.

Start with a lower case letter and end each sentence with a full stop. 


3. If you're running an online activity, enter the link where the activity will happen

For example, the Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing link.


4. Activity category
(Choose all that apply) *


5. Date 

If it's an online pre-recorded activity, enter 'Pre recorded'. *


6. Start and end time


7. Price *


8. Location

Add the name of your town, village or city. *


9. Postcode

If your activity is held in an indoor or outdoor community space, add the postcode.


10. Activity photo

Upload a good quality photo that shows your activity.

Make sure:
  • you get permission from any people in the photo
  • the photo does not have words on it – photos with words can be difficult to read

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