The Every Woman Study Clinician Survey 2018


Aim of the Survey


This survey aims to quantify the challenges facing doctors diagnosing and treating women with ovarian cancer, and find opportunities for progress. It will explore the similarity or variance of challenges between and within countries, and roles. It has been developed following qualitative research and testing amongst the clinical community in 10 different countries.

Our mission is to ensure the best possible chance of survival and quality of life for every woman with ovarian cancer wherever she lives. We are a not for profit coalition that has over 130 partner organisations in 28 countries, made up of patient organisations and professional groups. You can find out more about the Coalition here.  The Every Woman Study, of which this survey is a part, will bring together an authoritative evidence base that speaks to the views of women with ovarian cancer, and those caring for them, across the globe. It has been overseen by an Expert Advisory Panel comprising clinicians and women with ovarian cancer. The findings will lead to a global charter for action.

You can choose what information you give us.   The only information we will have about you, other than your answers, is your IP address:
If you choose to 'Save and Continue later' (advised if you think you will not complete the survey in one go, or have a poor internet connection), then you will be asked for a name and email, to which an automatic link will be sent so you can return to your answers. This information is not included when the data is collated, and we will not use it to contact you. It is stored only on the secure survey platform.
If you make any comments during the survey, we may use these in the final reports. If they need an attribution it will be in relation to your country and role, for example gynecologist, Brazil,  or medical oncologist, Japan.
At the end of the survey, you can choose to leave contact details so that we can contact you with queries, or if you wish to be identified in quotes by name and title.  Alternatively you do not have to leave any identifying information.

There are no compulsory questions, and you are given the chance to exclude some sections altogether. Please do consider answering any questions relevant to your role, even if everything works well for you, because this will help us identify the range of responses, and provide good comparative information.

The survey will take up to 30 minutes to complete, longer if you provide commentary, less if you miss out sections.  We know this is long, but this is a really good opportunity for us to gather important information that ultimately may help you, either by work the Coalition does, or for you to use the results to advocate for improvements in your own local area, or country.

If you have any questions or comments in general, please contact the Study Director, Frances Reid (

Please choose which sections you do, or do not wish to answer.  The survey will then be personalised for you, according to your choice.

I will answerI do not want to answer
Time to diagnosis: We ask your views on how delays in diagnosis can be reduced and what impact this might have.
Imaging tests: How long do you have to wait to get imaging done and reported
Multi Disciplinary Team working
Surgery: This section is for any clinician who performs surgery on women with ovarian cancer. You do not have to have subspecialty status to answer.
Systemic treatments: This section is for any clinicians giving systemic treatments to women
Clinical trials
Genetic testing
Nursing care
Quality of life issues for women

2. ‚ÄčIn which country do you work?  If you work in more than one country, please choose one location to base your answers on.