Easier Fares Consultation


Britain’s fares system has failed to keep pace with the rise of modern technology or how people work and travel today, and with part time working and self-employment having increased by over a third in 22 years, the products we can offer don’t always match that flexibility. Many passengers also find fares complicated and confusing with the latest study showing that only around a third of rail customers are very confident that they bought the best value ticket for their last journey.
Working together, the rail industry want fares and ticketing regulation, which was originally set out in 1995, updated so we can offer our customers an easier to use range of fares and deliver improvements in ticket buying technology.
This survey, which is part of a joint consultation between the rail industry and passenger watchdog Transport Focus, is not about the industry advocating any specific changes at this stage, it is about getting your views on the type of system and structure you want to see. These will be used to develop proposals to government which, if accepted, we would need to work with them to deliver. The proposals will aim to be revenue neutral, which means that any changes to some fares would need to be balanced elsewhere – this consultation looks at some of the possible trade-offs involved in this.
As part of this consultation we will ask you for personal data including name, email address, partial postcode and optionally ethnicity and any disability that you have. Full details of what personal data we collect, how we process it and how we respect your privacy can be found in our Privacy Policy.

The consultation will close on 10th September 2018.