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East Riding Contact Point is a single point of access for children and young people of a secondary school age, that are registered with an East Riding GP and are experiencing emotional health and mental health difficulties.

Children of primary school age, registered with an East Riding GP should be referred through the Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (EHaSH) 01482 395500 option 1. Should concerns of a mental health nature be present, EHaSH will liaise directly with East Riding Contact Point to ensure a smooth transition between services.

We are an experienced team of Primary Mental Health Workers, Registered Nurses and Psychologists.

If a triage/consultation is undertaken a joint decision will be made with the family and young person as to which service would best meet their needs.

Services could include:

 Direct intervention: Consultation with a Primary Mental Health Worker, Specialist Nurse or Psychologist 

Referrals could be made to: Hull & East Yorkshire MIND, Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (EHASH), 0-19 services (Health Visitors and School Nurses), Social Care including Learning Disability, Psypher (Early Onset Psychosis Service), and Specialist Child and Young People Mental Health / Learning Disability teams.

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