Edinburgh Summer Sessions 2021 - Accessible Facilities Survey


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   Accessible Facilities Survey

To ensure we have the correct level of facilities at Edinburgh Summer Sessions such as Accessible Toilets, Blue Badge Parking etc. we ask customers to apply for the access facilities they require. Please only complete the Accessible Facilities Survey if you have bought your ticket through Ticketmaster.

Info on your Accessible Tickets 

If you have bought your tickets online through Ticketmaster proof of eligibility/disability must be provided before the event - you will be contacted by Ticketmaster no later than 72 hours after your order. Tickets may be cancelled if misuse is suspected/found. If you have any questions about your ticket and PA/Companion ticket, please contact the Ticketmaster Accessible Line on 0800 988 4440 (or 00 44 161 637 2697 if you're outside the UK).  

Accessible customers who require a PA/Companion to attend the event but don't need access to the Platform, purchase the required number of tickets online and then contact Ticketmaster on 0800 988 4440 (or 00 44 161 637 2697 overseas), account will then be amended accordingly.


Our commitment to you: 

Our goal is to maintain your trust and confidence by handling your personal information with respect, security and putting you in control. It is important for you to understand why we collect this information and how it is used.

Why are we collecting this information?
This information is collected to assess your accessibility requirements for our shows and how we can accommodate your experience at the Edinburgh Summer Sessions. 

What information is collected?
We ask you for information of your accessibility requirements so we can do our best to meet your requirements.

Who is collecting your information?
On behalf of Edinburgh Summer Sessions, DF Concerts and Events will collect your information for the accessibility access to this event.

Where will my information be stored?
As the information you share is confidential, it will be stored securely on a GDPR compliant database to ensure your information and privacy is protected. This information will only ever be used as intended for accessibility assessment.

By submitting your information you agree to our Summer Sessions Privacy Policy and the above statement. We will not use this information for any marketing purposes and we would only ever contact you in regards to the information you share. Our privacy policy can be found HERE!

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