How Many Piano Tuners are there currently ? What is the demand? When are you planning to retire? The Piano Technology School & the Piano Trade would like to have a clearer picture of the number of UK tuners working at home and overseas. We look forward to sharing the results with you.


1. Which of the following applies to you? Please tick all that do.



2. How many active customers do you have in our tuning round? *


3. Which of these best describes you. Please select one answer *


4. Choose as many of the following that applies to you. *


5. Do you offer any mentoring or training currently to a fellow tuner / technician? *


6. Where did you train to be a piano tuner? Please only give details of place and course title. If you were taught informally please include this *


7. Are you a member of any industry, Piano trade or Business associations? If you are not a full member of the PTA please tick the box and answer the subsequent question. *


8. Please only answer if you are a member of PTA. Please indicate, if known, our current membership of the PTA.


9. How long have you been working as a Piano Tuner? *


10. This question is about your tuning round. Local is defined here as your town, villages and surrounding area to where you live. *


11. What is the approximate radius that our round covers? *


12. In General, how long is the longest journey you do between customers? Please choose one answer that best describes your longest journey *


13. What would you say is the average journey time you regularly take between customers? *


14. Thinking about your career and possible retirement, please would you tell us when this might be. *


15. This section looks at how you market and run your business. Please tick all that apply to you.
Which of the following if any do you use to mange your customer bookings and data? *


16. Which of the following do you use to market your business? *


17. How do you most effectively advertise you business? Select the options that apply *


18. Over the last two years what would you say has been the most valuable and successful way to generate new business?



19. Which of the following do you use to run your business? *


20. Roughly on average how many piano tunings do you do a week? *


21. How busy are you now compared with two years ago. How many new customers would you say you have gained over the last 24 months (irrespective of if you have lost some). This can be a guess if you do not have actual data *


22. This next question is about your own Continuous professional Development. During the last 5 years, which, if any of the following buisness related training have have you done? *


23. During the last 5 years, how many if any Piano tuning or repair related workshops or masterclasses have you attended as part of your ongoing professional developlment. Please give brief details in the box provided *


24. Would you be interested in attending any of the following refresher workshops? *


25. What is you age range? *


26. What do you currently charge for a standard Piano Tuning?


27. Do you distinguish between a standard tuning and a pitch raise? *


28. If you answered " Yes" to the previous question, what do you charge for a Pitch raise or extended tuning?


29. It is really important that we know where ur tuners are! Please tell us where you are based


30. Finally please tell us your average annual turnover. ( you do not need to include 2020 ), please use previous years as average.