South West Region of Sanctuary: Libraries


1. What is the name of your Library (or Library Authority)? *


2. What is your library sector: Please tick one *


3. Does your library have a current workstream focussed on providing a welcome to New Arrivals (including international students, refugees, people seeking asylum, migrant workers) in your area?


4. If you answered YES WE DO to the previous question, please let us know if you offer the following (tick all that apply)


5. If you answered Yes to offering Advice and/or Cultural/Creative sessions, do you provide such sessions directly yourselves or via a third party organisation? If the latter, what is the name of the third party organisation you work with? What kind of cultural or creative sessions do you presently offer new arrivals?


6. Do you provide such advice or cultural sessions inside your library or do you go outside your library to provide them at another venue? Please share a little more information on how you work.


7. If you answered NO WE DON'T to the question whether you have a current workstream focussed on welcoming new arrivals (including international students, refugees, asylum-seekers, migrant workers), would you like to have externally funded advice and support to help you establish such a workstream? Please let us know more about your position and your needs.


8. What is your staff capacity to support a workstream dedicated to new arrivals Could you commit staff time or would you require additional HR resource or project-funded consultancy in the library to undertake this work?

Yes we would have current capacity to take this on
No we would not have capacity currently and would need funded support

9. Are you interested in principle in taking part in an initial discussion with SWRLS and The Network to scope a funding approach to Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants programme with New Arrivals in South West region libraries as its focus?

We would like to be involved and welcome further contact on this subject.

10. If you answered YES to Question 9, please let us have the best contact email address so we can include you in our further discussion and potential funding application. Thank you so much!

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