Simply Hammocks Survey

Your feedback is so valuable and will help us know what to focus on in the coming months. There are only 9 questions and it should take less that a few minutes. Promise!

1. In one sentence describe yourself


2. What's most important to you when buying a hammock online:


3. How did you hear about us?


4. In one word (or two), tell us what made you buy a hammock from us? And if you haven't, what would?


5. Where do you normally buy your garden furniture from and why?


6. What was your main motivation for buying a hammock?


7. What's the best way to keep you updated on news, events and more?


8. Be honest, what's one thing that we're doing well, and two things that we could do better?


9. Do you have any other comments or feedback?


10. Based on your experience so far how would you rate us? *

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