Impact of COVID-19 on MSK radiology services and training


1. Which year of training are you in?


2. Which deanery are you located in?


3. Have you, as a result of COVID-19, been redeployed into a different role at any point?


4. If yes, for how long were you taken out of training?


5. Are you considered clinically high risk and currently shielding, or have you been previously shielded?


6. Have you had to self-isolate as a result of your own symptoms, or due to contact with someone else who had symptoms/ positive test?


7. Was an important fellowship exam cancelled/ delayed due to COVID-19?


8. Were you able to achieve your learning objectives and work based assessments as normal?


9. If you were unable to achieve your learning objectives, what were the reasons? (e.g., inadequate supervision, reduction in intervention lists, reduction in outpatient workload)


10. Have you been given the option to extend your CCT date due to lack of subspecialty training during the pandemic?


11. If yes, how long has this been extended for?


12. Have you, at any point, experienced inadequate supplies or shortages of essential PPE?


13. Was there a reduction in availability of necessary radiology equipment e.g., ultrasound machines?


14. Have the number of outpatient MRI scans returned to normal levels?


15. If no, are these at increased or reduced numbers?


16. Were MSK interventional procedures stopped in your trust during the first lockdown?


17. If yes, how long for?


18. Have routine appointments for corticosteroid injections resumed?


19. If yes, are these at normal, reduced or increased capacity?


20. Are patients being consented for increased risk of COVID-19 post-corticosteroid injection?


21. Are patients being asked to take a COVID-19 swab test prior to their corticosteroid injection?


22. Are any alternatives to corticosteroid injections being suggested?


23. If yes, which ones?

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