13th Annual Patent and Trademark Attorney Salary Survey 2024


Welcome to the 13th Annual Fellows and Associates Salary Survey 2024.

This survey aims to analyse the current remuneration packages available for Patent and Trademark Attorneys. As such, we request all respondents to be actively employed as, or training towards becoming, a Patent or Trademark Attorney. 

The survey will be open until the 1st week of July if you prefer to wait until you have received any imminent exam results or salary increases.

As the purpose of the survey is salary comparison you must be willing to disclose your basic annual salary on a confidential basis (see below), those who do not disclose this figure will be excluded from the data pool.

The core part of the survey which covers the salary section should take approximately 8 minutes. It takes a further 10 minutes (roughly) to complete the full survey covering work environment, career progression and employee relations.  As a thank you for your time, if you choose to leave your contact details, we will enter you into a draw to win a £100 Gift Card (or equivalent value in an alternative currency) of your choice.

You can find out more about Fellows and Associates here and see the results of past surveys here (both open in a new window).

This survey is completely anonymous and you need only leave your name and contact email should you wish to be entered into the draw.  All data is kept in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Please note that if completing this via a mobile, there is no "back" button.