Welcome to this survey which is being conducted by Urban Roots on behalf of the Scottish Government.

The purpose of this survey is to improve the Scottish Government's understanding of the activities of organisations responding to household food insecurity, or food poverty, across Scotland. The data collected in this survey will be used by the Scottish Government to better support organisations and to progress work to tackle the root causes of food insecurity.
The Scottish Government is committed to tackling food insecurity and supporting communities to deliver the most dignified responses possible in the here and now. We want people to have enough income to feed themselves and their families. In order to tackle the root causes of food insecurity, the Scottish Government wants to better engage with organisations providing free or subsidised food across Scotland to, for example, disseminate information on a range of support and cash-based solutions for people experiencing an income crisis as well as to understand the scale of emergency food aid provision across Scotland.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete online. You can save your answers and return at a later time. Alternatively, you can complete the survey via the telephone or as a paper-based survey – please contact Urban Roots to discuss these options.

Completion of this survey is entirely voluntary and you do not need to complete all of the questions.

All information will be kept confidentially, accessible only to Scottish Government officials working on tackling food insecurity. The data collected will be stored by the Scottish Government until August 2022 when it will be reviewed. A report providing a summary of the survey data will be published, but no identifiable information about individual organisations will be made publicly available.

For any questions or comments, contact Urban Roots via info@urbanroots.org.uk or on 0141 613 2766 or 0141 613 2764.

This survey will close on July 14, 2019.

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