Supporting Emotional Health and Wellbeing for Children and Young People at Prince Henry's: The insight gained from this survey will help us to better understand the mental health needs of the children, young people and families at Prince Henry's, and how we can enhance the current provision of care.


1. Q1. What types of things have the school engaged you in regarding mental health in the past? E.g. questionnaires, focus groups, parent forums, etc.


2. Q2.What kinds of things would you like to be involved in?


3. Q3.What kinds of things are you aware of that the school offer in terms of mental health support?


4. Q4.What do you feel is working well in terms of mental health provision?


5. Q5. What, if any, improvements could be made to the current mental health provision?


6. Q6. Who would you talk to at school if you had concerns about your child’s mental health?


7. Q7. Do you feel that positive mental health and wellbeing is embedded in the curriculum? How do you know this?


8. Q8. Are there are any topics or areas around mental health support that would be helpful to learn about?

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