Community Engagement Baseline Survey for Owners and Managers of Land


1. Introduction

The Scottish Land Commission is working with communities and with people who own and manage land to make sure that all people in Scotland have the opportunity to be involved in decisions about land that significantly affect them.

Last year, the Scottish Government publishing Guidance on Engaging Communities in Decisions Relating to Land. Over the next couple of years the Scottish Land Commission will make an assessment of the effectiveness of this guidance, and set out any further steps to improve its impact. This survey will help us to establish a baseline against which progress can be measured, and to identify where further support needs to be developed by us or other organisations.The survey will help us to find out more about the current level and effectiveness of community engagement by those who own or manage land.

We want to hear from anyone with control over the way land is used or managed in both urban and rural Scotland. The survey is therefore relevant for all private and public sector owners of land and buildings, including individuals, companies, charities and trusts, non-governmental organisations and community owners. It is also relevant to tenants of any sort who have control over land.

The information provided will not include any personal identifying information. We will ask what type of land you manage and for broad geographical location to be able to look at trends by area and sector. This information cannot be traced back to you as an individual. This means that once your information has been submitted it cannot be retrieved or withdrawn. The information collated will be analysed and statistical results may be shared with The Scottish Government and other relevant organisations to inform future work programmes and priorities. 

All information collected will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found at our website ( If you have any queries about the survey you can contact us by email at, or phone us at 01463 423300.
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