Neighbourhood Air quality - Survey


1. How far do you live from the Great Ormond Street Hospital? Please select from the walking times below.


2. How would you rate your awareness of local air pollution?


3. Before the Covid 19 lockdown, what did you think of local outdoor air quality?


4. Since the lockdown, have you noticed an improvement in air quality?


5. What do you think are the main issues affecting air quality in your local area?

Please rank these from most to least important by dragging each line in the order you would like the item ranked.


6. Do you feel that air quality affects your quality of life?


7. Do you do anything to limit your exposure to air pollution?


8. What do you feel would have the greatest impact on improving local air quality?

Please select one option only.


9. Optional - Do you have any additional comments or concerns related to air quality in the area?


People from UCL with an interest in air quality are keen for a chance to discuss your local knowledge, either by phone or online and at a time to suit you.

Doing this will help develop face to face discussions with residents after the lockdown is over and co-run with a local resident. In the longer run, we hope this might help improve air quality locally.

Please indicate your interest below.


11. Optional - If there was one question I’d like the UCL researchers to help with, it is:


12. Optional - general respondent information:

If you are willing to tell us a bit more about yourself, it will help us know if we are hearing from a good mix of local people. Don’t worry if you would prefer not to answer or only want to answer some questions.

Do you identify as a:


13. What about your housing?


14. Do you have children of school age ?


15. Do you own a car?


16. Are you?


17. Are you?


18. Are you?


19. Thank you for your time today.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or write your question below.

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