Gender Census 2021

Welcome to the eighth annual gender census!

I'll start by making it as clear as possible who's invited to take part.

As far as we know, most people fit tidily into one of these categories:
  • Woman/girl - all the time, solely, and completely (may be cisgender or transgender)
  • Man/boy - all the time, solely, and completely (may be cisgender or transgender)
This survey intends to collect information about everyone who DOESN'T fit into this system. Anyone who doesn't feel like they fit into one of these two boxes is invited to participate. There are no geographical restrictions.

If you hesitate or struggle to place yourself into just one of the two boxes, or if you know for sure that these boxes were not made for you, please do continue!

Helpful information:
  • Most of the survey asks about three things: identity words, pronouns and titles.
  • This survey doesn't ask for or collect identifying information such as your name or email address.
  • There is a feedback box at the end.
  • You can close the tab at any point mid-survey and your answers will not be included in the final results.
  • You can read the FAQs here.
As in previous years, I'll go over the data and then compile it into a report in the form of a blog post. I hope that the information can be used to inform choices, persuade authorities, and help us to feel less alone.

The survey opened on Wednesday 10th February 2021 and closes on Wednesday 10th March 2021 at the earliest. If the survey is still open, your responses will be counted.

If you want to be notified of the results and future annual surveys, please do click here to sign up to the mailing list.

And if you know someone who might be interested in taking part, share the URL of this page with them.

Thank you very much!

Cassian Lodge

Gender Census
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I understand that information about your gender can be very sensitive and private information.

I do not collect or have access to your name or email address. If you have any doubt about the security of SmartSurvey or your own device or internet connection, please take whatever steps you feel are necessary to protect yourself and your information. For more information, see our page on data protection.

Your anonymised responses will be made publicly viewable. When I publish the final report I also provide a spreadsheet of all survey responses that anyone can download and use for their own study and analysis. People who view the spreadsheet will not be able to connect your response with an IP address, email address, name, or location. The only information they have is the answers you enter into the form, and the date and time you submitted the form.

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