Thornham Parish Hall

Parish Hall Survey
The Thornhams Parish Hall Trustees are hoping to upgrade the hall and its facilities and would be very grateful if you could take a few moments to answer this short survey. Closing date is Saturday, 13th April.


1. The Thornhams need a high quality Parish Hall for use by the whole community. To what extent do you agree with this statement?


2. In the last year, have you hired or been to an event in the Parish Hall?


3. If so, what kind of event was it?

Wedding Reception
Funeral Tea
Private Party
Coffee Morning
Church Function
Film Screening
Christmas Fayre
Jumble Sale
Parish Meeting
Other (please specify)

4. In your opinion, what new facilities or improvements would make you more likely to attend activities/events at the Parish Hall? (tick all that apply)


5. Are there any events or aspects of the Parish Hall that you particularly like?


6. What types of activities would you or someone in your household be interested in attending at the Parish Hall? (tick any)


7. What activities/groups do you attend outside the village?


8. What prevents you from attending this kind of activity in The Thornhams?


9. Would you miss the Parish Hall if it wasn’t there?

Your household

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your household. This information will only be used to analyse the survey results. We will only keep your contact information if you have indicated that you would like to be kept informed be involved in the future.

10. 11. Do you live in Thornham Magna or Thornham Parva?


11. How old are you?

under 1819-3536-6565+

12. Please tell us the number of people living in your home, in each of the following groups. Also please indicate if any of these has mobility problems.

under 1819-3536-6565+
People living in your home
People with mobility problems

13. Would you be interested in helping us in any way with our refurbishment plans or with running any events? If yes, please give us your contact details:

Check out our survey templates or create your own.