Share your experience of health, care and community services in Wiltshire

1. Background

Healthwatch Wiltshire is the independent champion for people using health and care services in Wiltshire. We listen to what people like about services and what they think could be improved and share their views with those who have the power to make change happen. 

We would like to hear your experiences of health, care and community services to help us identify how services are adapting and working as the Coronavirus pandemic continues. Please use this survey to share your experiences of services that you have used from August 2020 onwards.

This survey also asks you what you think the priorities should be for Healthwatch Wiltshire next year. 

The results will be collated and shared with those that plan and pay for health and care services. All responses are anonymous, and no individuals will be named. 

The survey should take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete depending on your answers. By completing this survey you are agreeing to Healthwatch Wiltshire using your responses.


1. Which of the following services have you, or someone you care for, used from August this year onwards?
(Please tick all that apply)

We'd like to hear about how these services worked for you. You can tell us about your experience of up to three different services.

2. What is the name of the first service you, or someone you care for, used?
(Please give us as much detail as possible for example hospital name and department, name of GP Practice, or care agency or care home name)


3. What was good about this service?
(Please tell us the things that worked well for you)


4. Is there anything you thought could have been improved?
(Please tell us what didn't work so well for you.)


5. How easy was it to access the help and support that was needed?


6. How would you describe the quality of treatment or care you recieved?


7. Is there anything else you would like to say about this service?


8. is there another service that you would like to tell us about?