EYFS Transition Survey

1. La Moye School EYFS Transition Survey

We appreciate that our transition arrangements are not quite as normal due to the unprecedented situation we are in as a result of Coronavirus.  However, transition is very important to us.   We will look carefully at this survey to gauge your feedback and questions.  Thank you for taking the time to complete it.

1. Child's Full Name: *


2. Child's Class (in September 2020) *


3. Parent/Guardian's Name/s: *


4. Transition Meeting *


5. If you did not attend the meeting on 23rd June, please complete this question. (If you did attend, please skip this question.)


6. I found the meeting and the information shared: *


7. I would like to ask the following question/s to the team (Please note questions about your own child's needs should not be addressed here, rather contact the teachers directly):