Interface Financial Planning Client Survey

1. Name: *


2. What was the name of your financial planner / adviser for this advice session? *


3. What product(s) or service(s) have we helped you with? *


4. My Financial Planner took the time to understand my current circumstances, and my personal and financial goals *


5. My adviser gave a clear explanation of the potential risks associated with any recommended product or service and took appropriate measures to understand the level of risk I was prepared to take in relation to my goals and objectives *


6. I received concise, helpful documentation including a Suitability Report detailing any advice given, and key features documents relating to any recommended products. *


7. Which attributes do you consider most important in your adviser relationship? *


8. Does your adviser respond to your requests in a timely manner? *


9. The service arrangement was clear and you understood the way Interface Financial Planning was to be remunerated.

Please provide any additional feedback regarding Service and Remuneration in the comments box. *


10. You understood your advisers recommendation, the recommended product, and felt confident that this was the correct choice for your circumstances.

In the comments box, please provide a summary of the recommendation in your own words. *


11. I find the Interface Financial Planning's Online Client Services useful and easy to use *


12. How often do you log in to Interface Financial Planning's Personal Finance Portal (PFP)? *


13. Given my experience, I feel that Interface Financial Planning operates in such a way that the concept of Treating Customers Fairly is central to their culture (for more information see the TCF Policy on our website) *


14. In thinking about your most recent experience with Interface Financial Planning Ltd, were you pleased with the level of service you received? *


15. If you have any other comments or suggestions please let us know

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