Inter Faith Week 2021: your feedback

Inter Faith Week 2021 has drawn to a close, with hundreds of events having been held by many different kinds of organisations. If you have taken part, thank you!

It would be very helpful if you could take time to share your experience of Inter Faith Week and your thoughts for next year.  All questions are voluntary.  However, the more information you are able to share, the more it helps the Inter Faith Network for the UK (IFN), which leads on Inter Faith Week, to develop the Week and its work to support good inter faith relations at all levels.

Answers you give may be quoted in an anonymised way as part of IFN’s reporting on Inter Faith Week and developing future Weeks. We will not quote your responses in an attributed way unless you indicate that you are content for us to do this (you can do so at the end of the survey if you would like to).

Thank you very much.

The Inter Faith Week team

Note: If you have held or participated in an event to mark Scottish Interfaith Week, separately led by Interfaith Scotland, please contact for information about how to give feedback. 

1. What type of organisation are you? (eg school, faith group, business)


2. Frequency of participation:

About your activity/ies

The questions in this section are about the activities that you held.

3. Inter Faith Week this year took place in a context where the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have some impact on activities.

What kinds of activities did you run? (tick all that apply)


4. What do you think was the best aspect of your own Inter Faith Week activity/activities this year?


5. Did your organisation use the Week as an opportunity to do something you have not done before?
For example, trying a new kind of activity, reaching out to a different audience, or launching a new resource/ initiative?


6. Did you work with another organisation or organisations you’d not worked with before to hold your activity?


7. Did your Inter Faith Week activity help you to engage with new people/ groups?


8. How do you think your Inter Faith Week activity helped people of different backgrounds to mix and engage with each other?


9. Do you think your Inter Faith Week activity helped participants to learn more about different faiths and beliefs?


10. If you held activities for those within your institution (for example, your business, workplace, school or university), do you think that your activities are likely to have helped contribute to developing stronger/ more positive relations within your institution?


11. Is your organisation planning any kind of follow-up to your Inter Faith Week activity in the coming months?
Eg further events, developing a resource, publishing a recording etc.


12. Do you think that your organisation is likely to arrange an activity to mark Inter Faith Week again next year?


13. Given the COVID-19 context, did you find that the Week provided a focal point for making or celebrating positive connections between people of different backgrounds this year?


14. Do you think that anything you did differently this year because of COVID-19 restrictions will have a longer term impact on how you pursue future activities that promote inter faith understanding and cooperation?


15. Did you evaluate or monitor the diversity of participation in your activities (eg age, gender, religion/ belief identity)?


16. If you evaluated or monitored the diversity of participation in your activities, based on your monitoring, how broad do you think participation was in terms of:


17. Are you evaluating the impact of your activity?

Inter Faith Week more generally
This section includes questions about the Week more generally, and the support and resourcing provided by the Inter Faith Network for the UK.

18. What would you say are the two most important things about Inter Faith Week as a national initiative?


19. What do you think was particularly positive overall about Inter Faith Week this year?


20. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 
'Taking part in Inter Faith Week helped to raise the profile of our work'


21. Does Inter Faith Week add value to the work that you do?


22. Each year, Inter Faith Week is timed to begin on Remembrance Sunday, encouraging remembering together of the service of people of many backgrounds.

How helpful do you find this link with Remembrance Sunday?


23. Did your organisation take part in/ organise a multi-faith Remembrance activity?

Resources we provide

24. Did you use any of the following: (please tick all that apply)


25. This year, free registration packs were sent to those who requested them when registering their activities on the Inter Faith Week website. They included information about Inter Faith Week, promotional materials such as stickers and flyers, and planning and evaluation pointers.

Did you know about the packs?


26. If you received a pack, please comment on the following:


27. The Inter Faith Network uses a distinctive brand/logo for Inter Faith Week (a coloured swirl with the words ‘Inter Faith Week) and makes these available in various formats.

Did you use these?

Social media

28. Did you use any of the following social media as part of Inter Faith Week:


29. What hashtags did you use in social media posts about the Week?


30. Did you know that Inter Faith Week is a programme of the Inter Faith Network for the UK (IFN), working in consultation with the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum and the Inter-faith Council for Wales/ Cyngor Rhyngffydd Cymru in relation to the Week in those nations?


31. IFN used Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as part of increasing awareness and raising the profile of the Week and the activities taking place as part of it, using our dedicated @IFWeek accounts. We also posted about the Week on LinkedIn. We shared and liked posts from others on these platforms in a variety of ways, including through Twitter 'moments' each day and Instagram 'stories'.

If you used social media, how would you rate IFN's social media support and promotion of Inter Faith Week during the Week?

Registering your activities

32. Activities are listed on the national website,

Did you:


33. Where else did you list/ advertise your event online?

And finally...

34. Inter Faith Week is a programme of the Inter Faith Network for the UK. It manages the Inter Faith Week website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts; collects information about events/ activities; encourages participation, including through producing resources and raising awareness; aims to raise the profile of activities taking place to mark the Week; provides branding and merchandise; and reports upon the Week afterwards.

If there was one way the Inter Faith Network could develop and strengthen Inter Faith Week, what would this be?


35. If you have any further comments please use the space below.


36. You can submit this survey answer without giving your personal or organisational details or you can add your name, organisation and email address below if you would like to do so. Providing contact details enables the Inter Faith Network to contact you about your answers, for example if there are any queries.


37. Permission to use your responses

Thank you for taking the time to share your views. It is much appreciated!

Data protection statement: Data which you provide in this survey may be drawn upon by the Inter Faith Network for the UK (IFN) for the purposes of evaluating and reporting on its work.  Data may also be used for the wider purposes of promoting good inter faith relations in the UK. Answers you have given may be quoted, but will not be attributed to your organisation unless you have indicated your consent for this above. Any contact details which you provide in this questionnaire will not be passed to third parties without your permission, which will be sought separately. IFN processes data in accordance with its Data Protection Policy and the Data Protection Act 2018. It is registered with the ICO.
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