Integration Joint Board Strategic Commissioning Plan 2022-2025 Consultation

1. Introduction

To ensure that people's experience of health and social care and support is as good as it can be, the Integration Joint Board (IJB) is developing the next Strategic Commissioning Plan (SCP) for Health and Social Care. The SCP will build on the existing plan for health and social care and support in Dumfries and Galloway.

We have been having conversations with people who access and deliver care and support including health and social care professionals, Carers and provider partners, to hear and understand what is important to them now and in the future. As a result of these conversations, the First Draft SCP has been developed and can be found on
If you would prefer a paper copy of the document or the survey, or information in another language or format, please contact us on or Telephone: 01387 272734

This survey has been created to capture your views on the content of the First Draft SCP.

1. Thank you for reading the IJB First Draft SCP. By telling us what you think, you can help us to make sure the SCP reflects what is important to people in Dumfries and Galloway.

You are invited to keep the conversation going by sharing your views by either
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  • printing the survey and posting the completed version to Strategic Planning, Second Floor South, Mountainhall Treatment Centre, Bankend Road, Dumfries DG1 4AP (prepaid return envelopes are available on request)
Please note that the deadline for submitting your views is Sunday 15 August 2021

We are currently avoiding the use of paper copies of documents wherever possible for infection control reasons. However, if you need a paper copy of this document or pre-paid return envelope, please call us on 01387 272725 or email us on and we will arrange this for you.

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5.  The vision statement that was developed from feedback during the 12 week engagement period is
"People living happier, healthier lives in Dumfries and Galloway"

Do you have any comment to make about the vision statement? 


6. Do you have any comment to make about the model of health and social care and support shown in Section 3 of the SCP?


7. Do you have any comment about the 8 Strategic Commissioning Intentions?


8. Do you have any comment to make on the Tactical Priorities, Key Actions, Resource Implications, Monitoring Progress?


9. What did you like best about the First Draft SCP?


10. What did you like least about the First Draft SCP?


11. Is there anything about adult health and social care that you think should be included in the document but is not?


12. Is there any other comment that you would wish to make?


13. Would you like to remain involved and receive updates on the development of the SCP?

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14. What would be your preferred method(s) of keeping involved and receiving feedback on the development of the draft plan? (select all that apply)


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