The ManKind Initiative Survivors Survey
1. Survivors Survey
If you are a male survivor of domestic abuse (or helped someone who was) who has left the relationship you were in and used our helpline or website, you can help give us feedback. This five minute survey is designed to help the charity gain more feedback about the service that it offers and also to help us show to funders the value of the service that we provide. Information from the survey will remain confidential and anonymous (hence why we do not ask for your email or address). Thank you for taking the time. Mark Brooks Chairman

1. How old are you?


2. What is your race?

  • White
  • Asian or Asian British
  • Mixed
  • Black or Black British
  • Other Ethnic Group

3. How long had you been a victim before you contacted us or used our website information?


4. How did you find out about the ManKind Initiative?


5. What service did you use?


6. If you called the helpline, would you have called us if the helpline was not an anonymous helpline?


7. If you used our helpline, what did you use it for?


8. Was calling the helpline, the first time you had ever contacted or spoken to anyone about what you were going through?


9. How many times did it take for you to get through to an operator?


10. When using the helpline, how do you rate how the operator understood your needs?


11. When using the helpline, how do you rate the information that you were given?


12. If you used the website, how do you rate the information on domestic abuse on it?


13. If you knew someone who was a male victim of domestic abuse, would you recommend the charity to them?


14. Is there any other feedback you would like to give the ManKind Initiative?

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