Where now for Gloucestershire?


1. Are you feeling more positive now about your business than at the start of lockdown and why? *


2. Was your business able to keep trading? *


3. Since lockdown, has your business developed in any way which will benefit it going forward? *


4. Was your business able to take stock during the lockdown and if so, what is the most important lesson learned?


5. Did your business need to access any bank funding or private investment funding during the last six months and was it able to do so?


6. Have the last few months reshaped your business and how? *


7. Do you think your business will become stronger in the long-run as a result of its experiences in 2020? *


8. In terms of your expectations of profit, how has the year panned out so far for your business?


9. Do you think your business will take on any more staff in the next 12 months? *


10. Is there a Gloucestershire business/leader who has stood out to you through the pandemic, and if so who and why? *


11. Is home working/flexible hours/job sharing likely to become more of a feature of your business long-term and why? *


12. Will your business be looking at its training and staffing differently from now on and why? *


13. Has the pandemic made your business think again about its office or work space and what will it be changing? (Will that mean moving premises in the next six months?) *


14. Has your landlord been flexible to your needs and how? *


15. Has lockdown made your business reconsider the amount of travel staff need to undertake (for example, to external meetings)? *


16. Is your team closer now than before the pandemic? *


17. Do you think lockdown has made people appreciate the value of supporting Gloucestershire businesses first, where possible? *


18. We have some way to go – how confident are you about Gloucestershire's recovery? *


19. If the opportunity arose, would you be interested in a follow-up interview with The Raikes Journal to tell your story or give comment?


20. Company name and sector? (We will not include your company name in the published survey or story, unless we contact you to ask permission)


21. What is your name and title? (We will not include your company name in the published survey or story, unless we contact you to ask permission)


22. Email address: *


23. I agree The Raikes Journal can add my email address to its database for the sole purpose of sending me its weekly Gloucestershire business email news letter.


24. By taking part in this survey you agree The Raikes Journal can share its findings, if necessary, with its partner company for this survey, Willans LLP, which may contact you to offer support or advice.

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