Jewish Journeys to Palestinian Solidarity

1. What's this survey about?

Hi there and thanks for clicking on the survey link.

My name's Robert Cohen and I'm a PhD student at King's College London in the Theology & Religious Studies department. You can email me at  .

My research work is studying the attitudes of young Jews in the UK aged from late teens to around 30 years old (Generation Z/ Millennials) who have engaged with the Israel/Palestine conflict and who feel sympathetic towards the Palestinian people.  

Despite growing evidence of younger Jewish concerns and active dissent over Israel and Zionism, the background and attitudes of this generation have not been seriously studied.

In particular, I’m looking to discover what has motivated such dissent and how it is being expressed within a framework of Jewish identity.

By taking part in this survey you’ll be:
  • creating a better understanding of contemporary Jewish solidarity towards Palestinians;
  • helping to see what makes this contemporary understanding distinctive from previous generations of Jewish dissent;
  • and exploring what consequences there may be for the wider Jewish community in the UK in the years ahead.

The survey is divided into FIVE sections with some sections longer than others:
  1. Age/Gender/Sexuality/Education
  2. Jewish identity and upbringing
  3. Involvement in Jewish dissent over Israel
  4. Your future in the UK Jewish community
  5. Reactions to statements

All responses will be anonymous. As well as this questionnaire, I'll also be conducting more in-depth individual interviews and running some focus groups to build up as rich a set of data as possible. If you'd be interested in me interviewing you (again, anonymously) or being part of a focus group discussion, then please do email me.

Thank you again for your participation. They survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. By completing the survey and submitting your responses, you will be giving consent to take part in the research. 

1. SECTION ONE: Age/Gender/Sexuality/Education

These questions will help position respondents within the Generation Z population and enable correlations to be made with other available data.

What year were you born?


2. In terms of your gender identity, which of the following comes closest to how you would describe yourself?



3. If you had to choose, which one of the following would you say comes closest to how you would describe yourself?



4. What’s your highest level of educational qualification?