Thank you for your interest in taking part in this rapid review of the Welsh Government’s Community Cohesion Programme.
This project aims to:
  • Assess the design and delivery of the Community Cohesion Programme
  • Understand how well the programme supports community cohesion at national, regional and local levels, and
  • Identify lessons for how the programme can be improved.
At the end of the project we will provide a report to Welsh Government.
This questionnaire is for third sector organisations working on community cohesion or equality in Wales.

If you are not a third sector organisation, we have questionnaires for public sector organisations and community practitioners; and for individuals in Wales:

  • If you represent a public sector organisation or are a community cohesion practitioner please click here:
  • If you are an individual, not representing any organisation, please click here:

You do not have to answer every question. Please skip any question you feel you cannot comment on. However, the more information we have, the more you will help us to review the Welsh Government’s Community Cohesion Programme.

We do not ask for your name or the name of your organisation. This questionnaire is anonymous.

When we produce the interim report you can review and comment on that report or feed in any other views you have. Because we are not collecting your name or contact details in this questionnaire, we cannot involve you in that review unless you contact us and tell us you want to be involved.

If you would like a copy of the interim report please email:

Many thanks