Huntswood CO22 - Complaint Handler Survey


Thank you for taking part in our complaint handler research for our Complaint Outlook 2022 report.

This survey will ask you questions about your role as a complaint handler and the challenges you face on a day to day basis. It will ask questions about a typical complaints workflow, from first contact, acknowledgements and resolution.

You and your answers will remain completely anonymous, and your data will be treated in confidence. 

Please do not to use the 'Back/Forward' buttons on your internet browser to navigate through the survey. Instead use the ‘Previous/Next’ buttons at the bottom of each page to avoid any issues when completing the survey.

By clicking below and submitting your information, you acknowledge that you consent to Huntswood using it for this piece of research. Your answers will be anonymous and your data will be confidential. No personal data will be shared publicly or linked to your organisation. *