Glenrothes Business Users


1. What is the Company name and main purpose of your business or organisation in Glenrothes? *


2. What are the opening hours and what would encourage you to stay open more? *


3. What draws your business to remain in Glenrothes? *


4. How satisfied are you with the overall quality, location, size and accommodation provided in Glenrothes for your business or organisation? *


5. What improvements could be made with your own accommodation either by you or your landlord? *


6. What improvements could Fife Council be making in general to improve the Town Centre in your opinion? *


7. What improvements are the responsibility of the shopping centre owner in your opinion? *


8. How satisfied are you with parking provision in the town centre?


9. Are the facilities provided for servicing and deliveries located in the best positions? Please comment on aspects such as ease of:

Access, location, size, time restrictions, and appearance


10. Are you looking to move to different premises?


11. Has your business done any of the following in the past?


12. Do you expect your business to do any of the following in the future?


13. Do you visit the centre of Glenrothes on your non-working days?


14. Do you visit the centre of Glenrothes in the evening?


15. Are these visits to do any of the following?

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