South Littleton Parish Council Legacy Grant proposal


1. South Littleton Parish Council are preparing a Wychavon DC legacy grant application in Q1 2022. The proposal is to use the grant to enhance, improve and update the outdoor Village facilities . The emphasis will be on making these assessable to all and promoting a healthy lifestyle whilst ably also focusing on green initiatives and helping with resident wellbeing.

Would you be in favour of supporting this initiative or not?


2. The proposal is to design, install or improve a number of areas . Please indicate your support on these ideas

A new designated Wild Flower, pollinator & nature trail on the Recreation Ground


3. Design and install a new Multi purpose pathway on the Recreation ground for walking, running and to incorproate a Fitness Trail


4. Improve designated Village public pathways surfaces to allow for access all through the year and making assessable to all.


5. Create a History Trail across the village with Information Boards and Seats at each location


6. We would welcome any feedback or further ideas we could incorporate into the Grant application. Use the box to add your thoughts and comments

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