Thank you for taking your time to answer this survey. To help us ask appropriate questions, we need to know which group you belong to:

1. LGBT veterans who served in the UK armed forces between 1967 and 2000
Gay men, lesbian women, bi-sexuals and transgender individuals were all dismissed or forced out of service by the ban. 

As all these groups were affected by the ban, we want to hear from lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans personnel who served in the armed forced between 1967 and 2000 about their experience.

We also want to hear from those who were not, but were perceived to be homosexual and were affected by the ban.
2. Other military personnel who served between 1967 and 2000
We want to hear from other military personnel about the impact of the ban.

We are especially keen to hear from those who also served during this period and who were involved in implementing and enforcing the ban - military police, medical personnel and legal officials.

If you witnessed the effect of the ban, we also want to hear from you.
3. Families, friends and representatives of LGBT personnel who served between 1967 and 2000
With the ban ending over 20 years ago, we fully understand that there are some LGBT veterans who served under the ban who have now passed away or are not capable of responding to the Call for Evidence. In these cases, we are interested in hearing from families or representatives of LGBT personnel who served during this period to tell and share the story of their family member.
4. Academics and others who work in this area
We are also interested in hearing from academics, researchers and other individuals who have an interest in LGBT and veteran policy.
5.Organisations and third parties (charities, policy institute etc.)
If you are an organisation who works with veterans, military personnel, LGBT people or similar, we would be interested in hearing your views.

For more information about the Review, please go to the Review's website. This includes our privacy notice.

The Review's website also lists a range of organisations who can provide support to veterans.

We consider your lived experience as evidence enough and you are not required to provide physical evidence or have witnesses.

Please note that any submissions we consider to be homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, abusive, and/or which do not include any relevant testimony related to the Review will be removed from our analysis and will not be used to form our recommendations.

1. Which group do you belong to? *