Kingston Covid-19 Crisis Appeal Round 2 Grants


1. Kingston Covid-19 Round 2 Grants Guidance Notes
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The Covid-19 Round 2 Grants Programme is for small grants from £500-£2,000 and is open to registered charities or constituted community groups with an annual income of less than £1million that benefit people living in the Borough of Kingston.

The grants are for charities and community groups who need financial support as a result of the Covid-19 Crisis, this could include funding towards the additional costs incurred associated with: 
  • Providing community services online or for additional phone costs, instead of running your pre-Covid face-to-face services. 
  • An increase in demand for services due to the Covid-19 crisis, providing food and essentials, or befriending services.
  • An increase in demand for mental health, employment or homelessness support. 
  • A project/activity that makes a difference to the lives of children, young people, adults and older people affected by Coronavirus.
Organisations that have applied to Love Kingston before, whatever the outcome, can re-apply.   

Closing Date: 5.00pm on Friday 24th July 2020.  Applications must be completed using the online form below. Any forms received in any other format or after the closing date will not be accepted. Applicants will be informed of the result of their application in August.

Eligibility criteria:

Your project must benefit people living in the Royal Borough of Kingston and your organisation must have a:
  • Constitution (‘Set of Rules’).
  • Bank account in your organisation’s name with two signatories.
  • Document outlining your financial procedures.
  • Safeguarding Policy.
As we expect the fund to be oversubscribed we shall take account of the following:
  • The potential impact of the work you are proposing to undertake (either in terms of achievable outcomes, numbers of people reached, and/or particular target groups).
  • The capacity/resources of your organisation to deliver the work you propose and to achieve the outcomes within six months of receipt of funding.
  • The inclusion of a realistic budget for the work.  

What we won’t fund:
  • Work not related to the Covid-19 Crisis. 
  • Capital costs, or building or renovation works.
  • Religious activity.
  • Contribution to vehicle costs.
  • Donations to other charities.
  • Incomplete applications, or applications completed in an another format (e.g. Word) and emailed to us.
These grants are funded by the Kingston Covid-19 Crisis Appeal and administered by Love Kingston, a project of Kingston Voluntary Action. We anticipate a high number of applications and not all will be successful. Groups can only make one application per round, though we welcome applications from organisations that have previously applied to Love Kingston, regardless of the outcome of that application. Love Kingston reserves the right to allocate a smaller grant than applied for. Incomplete applications will not be considered.  If an applicant is unsuccessful, we will try to offer guidance on finding alternative sources of funding. The award committee’s decision is final.

In order to process your application, we need to record your details on our database. We will treat your data with respect; we will never sell it and we will store it securely. Please note that contact details and your application, grant and monitoring information may be shared with Kingston Voluntary Action. 

Successful applicants will receive payment upon receipt of the signed grant agreement with Love Kingston; we will try to process your grant as quickly as possible, but given the current situation payments may take up to 1 month from receipt of the agreement. Grantees will be required to complete a short statement to report on the project/activities within a year of the fund’s release. It must include receipts relating to your grant and if you have them up to two high resolution photographs showing the activities, plus approval for Love Kingston to use the photographs. Grantees may also be asked to participate in publicity or fundraising material to promote Love Kingston and will be required to acknowledge the source of funding as Love Kingston on any publicity material they produce – logos/guidance will be provided on request. Please email 

Completing your application  
You can download a Word version of the application form and save it on your pc. We recommend that you write your application offline in Word and then copy and paste your answers into the online form. Please do not send us a Word version of your application, it will not be considered. Before closing the online form remember to click on Save and Continue Later, you will receive an email with a link so you can return to your form and continue it later - please check your Junk Folder for your email from 

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