Continuous Improvement Maturity Survey

Continuous Improvement Maturity Survey

We're conducting a survey to understand SME levels of maturity and appetite for adopting continuous improvement. This survey takes a couple of minutes to complete and comprises 7 questions.  Your participation contributes to a broader understanding of how small businesses are adopting and benefiting from continuous improvement practices and systems.  There's a prize draw for 10x UN SDG lapel pins for completed surveys by 23/12/2023.

If you're an advisor or mentor, please complete the survey with your knowledge of a typical SME you are working with.

1. How familiar are you and your team with the concepts and principles of continuous improvement practices? *


2. How far have you gone to implement continuous improvement practices into your business? *


3. Is continuous improvement embedded into the organisation and part of the culture? *


4. To what extent do you measure improvement efforts? *


5. What are the main challenges or obstacles you have faced in implementing continuous improvement practices? *


6. What are the (potential) benefits to your business in adopting continuous improvement *

Not at allLowNeutralHighVery High
Increased Efficiency & Productivity
Enhanced Quality of Products or Services
Increased Revenues & Competitiveness
Employee Engagement & Empowerment
Achieving Business Goals

7. Given your current resources and time, how likely are you to invest in continuous imporovement software *


8. Please provide your email if you would like to receive a copy of the report and to enter the prize draw for 10x UN SDG lapel pins for completed surveys by 23/12/2023.

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