Traveling planner


1. Do you have a real passion to travel to new destinations? and how often?


2. How many days is usually your trip?


3. What are the main concerns for you while arranging/planing for your trip?


4. How do you choose your next new travelling destination? Please rank your preferences ( 1= very important, 4 = not important)


5. Do you usually plan for your trip in advance? and how important is planing for you?


6. How do you plan for your trip? i.e. places to visit, things to do, restaurants, hotels and airlines.
Kindly select all apply


7. "I am working on a project to provide a customized comprehensive travelling plan for travelers for several popular destinations based on experience and very detailed research on what might be interesting for travelers and what they need"
Do you think that's valuable and useful for you as a traveler?
and I would be grateful if you write briefly why?


8. What would make a traveling plan valuable or interesting to you? (i.e. what should the plan include?)
Please write anything that comes to your mind..
I am interested to listen to you and I appreciate your help :) 


9. We would be very glad if you wish to have a look at this product in the future and how it can help you
If interested please share your email

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