PROJECT: New Wave Trustees - museum EOI

1. About the project

The New Wave Trustee programme combines a new trustee recruitment programme with a workshop aimed specifically at museums keen to diversify and strengthen their board.

Museums who would like to benefit from this programme will need to attend the online workshop on Wednesday 6 April. 

Following the workshop, we will be offering 1:1 support to any new trustees interested in joining your organisation and we will provide your museum with access to our trustee toolkit.

More details about the programme are available on our website at

1. About the applicant *


2. What is your museum’s Accreditation status? *


3. What size is your museum?


4. What areas of expertise are you looking for in your trustee board? (eg finance, learning, digital)


5. What benefits does your museum hope to gain by taking part in New Wave Trustees?


6. Provide the name and email of the nominated member(s) of your team who will attend the workshop on Wednesday 6 April.


7. Board Approval

Provide contact details of your Chair of Trustees (or similar)


8. How long have you worked or volunteered in museums/ heritage sector? *


9. On a scale of 1 to 5 what would you consider your current level of experience in recruiting and inducting new trustees? *


10. We would like to contact you in the future to support long-range evaluation of the South East Museum Development Programme. Are you happy for us to do this?