FM Company Questionnaire 2020
1. Introduction
Landmark & Associates works with clients to improve the performance and value for money of corporate and operational property and related facilities services.

We have been providing strategic property and facilities advice and change management support since 1997 including:
  • Procuring over £400 million of FM services
  • Value for money and FM audit reviews for over £1bn of expenditure
  • Ongoing performance alignment and improvement of relationships between clients and suppliers creating the environment for continuous improvement on over 100 contracts
Our clients tend to be UK based (although not always), but frequently have multinational footprints.

We are regularly asked by clients to provide analysis of the supply side of the FM market and we are looking to consolidate consistent information into a single report. To help us we would be very grateful if you could complete the following questionnaire. 

The database will be published in report format on our website. It will be available free of charge to any organisation or individual who would like access to this information.
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