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10. In what year did you start your degree? *


11. In what year will you complete / did you complete your degree? *


12. Which year of study are you in? *


13. Are you a student from within the EU?
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14. How are you funding your course? *


What are your University tuition fees per year?
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15. How many teaching weeks do you have per year? *


16. How many days were you affected by the strikes?
(i.e. days on which lectures / seminars / tutorials etc. were cancelled) *


17. How many of your lectures/seminars were cancelled due to the strikes? *


18. Please provide us with a brief summary of how you have been affected by the strikes. If you have made a complaint, please let us know how the University has responded.


19. Do you have a copy of your contract with the University (which can often be found on the University website)?


20. Do you have any documents from when you applied to the University e.g. prospectus, course handbooks or any leaflets about the services the University offers?


21. Do you have any documents about the strike action which detail how students have been affected and what the University is proposing to do about it?


22. If you have copies of these documents, please upload them here as they will assist us in assessing whether your claim is viable.

Please do not worry if you are unable to upload these documents now. You can send them to us by email at as soon as you are able to.

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24. How did you hear about Leigh Day? *