Local Elections Turnout Consultation Questionnaire

The turnout in elections, particularly local elections, has decreased steadily over the years in Harlow. The same picture is seen nationally.
At the local elections in May 2021, the voter turnout in Harlow were as follows:
District – 32.42%

County – 32.41%

Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner – 32.35%
The Council is undertaking a review to better understand why residents feel disconnected from local politics; and why the turnout in the local elections were lower than for the national elections. As part of this review, the Council has devised a questionnaire to establish the reasons residents are not voting in local elections.

The questionnaire will run from 20 September 2021 to 1 November 2021.

The questionnaire will be available on the Council’s website, sent by email to those who have provided an email to Electoral Registration. Hard copies will also be available at Contact Harlow.

If you have any queries about the questionnaire, you can contact:
Alison Hodgson (01279) 446038 alison.hodgson@harlow.gov.uk

Adam Rees (01279) 446057 adam.rees@harlow.gov.uk

Privacy Information

This questionnaire is intended to be anonymous, and we do not wish to collect any personal information that can identify you as an individual. However there are parts of the questionnaire where you may end up providing this information (such as sections stating, ‘if yes provide details below’ and so on).

Where you provide any personal information within this questionnaire that could identify you or another person as an individual, it will be kept confidential and will be securely deleted as soon as we become aware of it.

Your completed questionnaire will be shared with our chosen service provider for surveys and questionnaires, Smart Survey in accordance with our Data Sharing Agreement with them.
For more information on how we collect, use, and protect personal information generally, as well as your rights as a data subject please view our main privacy notice on our website by visiting http://www.harlow.gov.uk/privacy-notice  

1. Are you registered to vote? *


2. If you are not registered to vote, why not?


3. If you choose to vote, which type of elections do you normally vote in? *


4. Which voting method do you normally use? *


5. How likely would the following stop you from voting? *

Very likelyLikelyNeither likely nor unlikelyUnlikelyVery unlikely
Didn’t know the candidates
Didn't know the candidates' policies
Couldn’t park at or get to the polling station
Polling station access was difficult
Poor weather
Work commitments
Parties that stood in my ward don’t represent my views
Confusion about the voting process

6. Have any of the matters set out in question 5 ever stopped you from voting in the past? *


7. If yes to question 6, which of the following stopped you from voting?

It is well known that nationally turnout at local elections varies by gender and by age. The Council would like to gain a better understand of the reasons behind this. Similarly, whilst the Council has criteria to ensure polling stations are accessible to all, it would also like to gain a better understand of whether those with disabilities find certain polling stations difficult to access. By knowing the ward you live in, the Council can focus on the polling stations which may have issues.

8. What is your gender? *


9. Please select your age category *


10. Please select which ward you live in. *


11. Do you have a disability? *