Consultation on the constitution of a new community association in Poundbury

1. General Information


Thank you for taking part in this survey. 

Over the past year, the feedback from The Big Poundbury Conversation has consistently expressed the wish for a more inclusive community association. Our aim is to deliver on this expectation, and to gain charitable status and financial capacity. We want to become a more sustainable and forward-looking organisation, and be better able to advocate, act and fundraise on behalf of our whole community.

Our consultation intends to reach our residents of all kinds, businesses, employees and ‘regular users’ of Poundbury, such as public sector organisations, nurseries, the Community Church, charities, and GP surgeries. We are very aware that our community is a part of Dorchester, and we want to help benefit all who live and work here.

We will ask for your opinions on expanding membership of our Poundbury Residents Association, and on specific revisions to our constitution regarding our association name, purpose, and operation. Clarity on these terms will enable our association to apply for charitable status: operating as a charity will allow us better access to funds and resources to support our desired initiatives. Your responses are important for informing our association's focus and structure.

Proposals for several models of association structures have been considered over the past months. At our community meeting in January 2024, the two models most preferred by the PRA Committee were presented for consideration. The vast majority of those present preferred the model of a community association/trust with charitable status, which would be open to everyone living or working in Poundbury. The elements and details of this structure were considered to be the most suitable for a community of Poundbury's size, complexity, and potential. 

Please answer the following questions, noting the occasional instructions provided.

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