What is the future of UK Infrastructure Development and Funding?

Amey and Partnerships Bulletin have set out an agenda for taking stock of how infrastructure might be delivered in the UK and the mix of public and private skills and investment that this might entail.

Our paper “What it the future of UK Infrastructure Development and Finance” sets out some key questions and principles to consider this and focuses on 5 key areas where investment may be prioritised. This questionnaire is being sent to a number of key industry players as a prelude to a series of workshops we intend to convene to help form a market view on the way forward. We are looking for representative views from across the industry, including, critically, input from the public sector. We are seeking ways forward that are welcomed by the public and private sector together. With this context, we are asking for your thoughts on a series of specific questions that align to the thinking and approaches outlined in that paper. We hope that you can give your views, so that in a series of workshops we can commence with a clear view at the outset of what industry thinks and therefore where we might focus and where we need to build consensus.

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