Consultation on potential changes to IPSA’s December payroll date

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Since IPSA was established we have paid MPs and their staff on the last working day of each month. This is in line with practice in many other organisations including the civil service. The paydays for each month are published on our website.

Some MPs have recently asked us to adopt a new approach for the December payroll, and pay salaries before Christmas, as some other organisations do.

They argue that their staff face additional costs over the festive season, leaving them out of pocket until payday at the end of December. We are sympathetic to this request, but wish to ensure that the pros and cons are carefully considered. We therefore wish to consult MPs and their staff on options that may address any concerns.
You can read our report on potential changes to IPSA’s December payroll date on the next page. 

On the final page you will be asked to choose which option you would like IPSA to implement. You will also be given the choice to provide a written response to the options.