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1. Introduction
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This survey has been created and run by Bridport Art Society solely for the members.

We want to understand what members want from the Society in an environment of Covid-19 with restrictions which might continue for another 2 years or more. Our meetings, workshops and exhibitions have been postponed and the outlook is challenging. We have emailed and posted newsletters to keep members informed.

The committee has been monitoring and reviewing what and when activities might be arranged.

We have refrained from using web based solutions because it is felt that a proportion of members either cannot or would not participate, therefore excluding some members from activities. We want the society to be as inclusive as possible. This survey is online but for members where we normally post newsletters we will also be posting a copy of this survey.

Therefore, we are inviting all members to participate in this survey to let us know your opinion. It is  essential that all members respond. Decisions about the future of the Society will be based on the feedback we get.

We need to collect some identifying information - so that we know only members will be included. All information once collected will be analysed and the results published to all members by the end December 2020.

There are 15 questions - please answer the questions keeping in mind that any activities which the Society organises would have to implement regimes for social distancing, sanitising, quaratining, ensuring the use of face masks and possibly restricting numbers attending.

IMPORTANT - The survey will close at 12 midnight on the 18th September 2020!

On behalf of the committee, thank you for taking time to help the Society move forwards.

Charles Hallsworth
Chair - Bridport Art Society
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