Making ends meet – is your family getting by?



The Orkney Partnership is asking for the views of families with experience of hardship and disadvantage.

If you do not have responsibility for children there is no need for you to complete this survey.

You can complete the online survey or download and print this 4 page PDF version. In this case, please return your completed survey in a sealed envelope to Anna Whelan at Orkney Islands Council - you can post it, or drop into the Council letterbox if more convenient. If you'd like a paper copy sent to you, please email with your name and address.

You can ask for support from local organisations to help you complete the survey - these can be found in the support summary document, available for download here. Some of these organisations will also be able to offer you help with managing money.

In addition, a new resource has recently been published on
 where to get help in Orkney:
Worrying About Money? 
Financial advice and support is available if you’re struggling to make ends meet - produced by Social Security Scotland, NHS Orkney, Orkney Citizens Advice Bureau and others. The poster is good for reading on screen, there's a leaflet with the same information: Completing the online survey
  • The survey consists of 10 questions on separate pages, with some questions in several parts.
  • Please tick the boxes relevant to you, or to indicate yes/no, or type notes into the text boxes as applicable.
  • There is no need to answer all the questions if you'd rather not, your responses will still be useful - if you can't or don't want to answer a question, move on to the next one.
  • You don't need any special information to answer the questions
  • All answers are completely confidential so we are not asking for your name, but quotes from your comments may be used anonymously.
  • It should take about 15 minutes to complete.
When you are ready to complete the questionnaire, click the 'next page' button below: