MindMate Website Professionals Pages

We want to improve the content and raise awareness of the professional resources on MindMate Leeds: http://mindmate.org.uk/im-a-professional/

Please helps us by completing a short survey hosted by Common Room. To find out more, please email jeni@commonroom.uk.com

1. What is the primary function of your work / where are you based?


2. Before today, have you visited the MindMate website professionals section?


3. If so, what did you use it for? (If not, please have a look now if you can https://www.mindmate.org.uk/im-a-professional/)


4. How useful did you find the professionals page? (0 being no use at all, 5 being just what I needed)


5. What did you find most useful about the professionals pages and the resources there?


6. Was there anything missing that you hoped would be there? How could it be better?


7. How should these resources be promoted to staff across Leeds?